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    Banana Walnut Pancakes

    I once read “I can no more understand the totality of God than the pancake I ate for breakfast understands the complexity of me” (Donald Miller, Blue Like Jazz)

    That quote evokes many (more important) thoughts, but, I’ll admit that one of them is…”geeze, I wish I had pancakes for breakfast!”

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  • Dinner Lunch

    Golden Autumn Carrot Soup

    Last month I provided you a few holiday cheats, and that is exactly what I did ALLLL month long – cheat, cheat and cheat some more! I am definitely feeling it’s effects. I’m of…

  • Snack

    “Chocolate” Mint Energy Bites

    This recipe is the only way I can successfully not eat a sweet for an entire week. Seriously, I may as well be eating Godiva truffles because that’s how much I enjoy them. I…