When it comes to food, I’ll be honest. I much prefer whipped cream and a mouthwatering pork roast over skim milk and steamed salmon. I love the most fattening kinds of milk and meat. (I also love donuts.) But, for the sake of my waistline, my arteries and my offspring, I do whatever I can to find ways to make healthy food delicious.

My name is Danielle, but I’ve always considered myself a Jane. I’m a “Jane of all trades” type of gal. The following I love, and do well, but am certainly a master of none! I’m finally ok with that. I grew up loving both sports (especially soccer and volleyball) and the stage (singing and dramatic arts). Today, I love cooking and baking for my friends and family, running, writing, spending time with and learning from my girlfriends, keeping my home, dating my cute and talented hubby – and listening to him sing! (shameless plug: danmacaulay.com). I like to fit some HGTV and Food Network into the mix as well (I may or may not have stalked Ina Garten, the “Barefoot Contessa” in her hometown once. You will absolutely see a running theme of Ina recipes here). I love little kiddies of all kinds, but most of all, I really enjoy playing with and reading to my own two irresistible boys, Keaton and Braden. They rock the house! (No, literally). You can look at their undenied cuteness in the wagon pic below. Couldn’t you just eat them up with a spoon!?

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