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    Mint Chip Smoothie

    We just had American Thanksgiving (we call it that, because we are Canadians living in America, and we are used to celebrating in October). Having dual citizen kids, we try our best to celebrate both. We certainly have more than enough to be thankful for. Celebrating double means eating double too. That can take a toll on the waistline. I sure am feeling like I need a green smoothie and a good run. Perhaps you overdid it over the holidays too, and are in need of some redemption, let me help you with the smoothie part. Here is my favorite green smoothie recipe as of late. I’m a sucker for anything chocolate mint flavor. This is no mint-chip ice cream, but it sure comes close and it’s WAAAY better for you! If you’re not a green smoothie gal, give this one a try. It may convert you!

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    Stephanie’s Salsa

    There’s one food that we all agree on in our house – Mexican!!! Even the fussiest of eaters in our house asks me “Can we do Taco Tuesday!?”…even if it’s Friday.…

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    Muffin Medley

    We all love muffins, but it’s safe to say that none of us want a “muffin top”. Here are three tasty, but waist friendly muffin recipes that I’ve been feeding my family for many…

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    Fruit Dip – 3 Ways

    I am sure that for those of us with kids, getting more fruits and veggies into them is a priority in the kitchen. I’ll admit that when I have a yummy dip to dunk…

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    Breakfast Granola Cups

    These dainty little treats are adorable for a bridal or baby shower, fun for kiddos to eat for breakfast or lunch or perfect just for you to indulge in. They can be made without…

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    I love granola for snacking purposes. In fact, I am snacking on some as I type! I have to be careful not to go overboard, because it is fattening stuff, but it is also…

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    Sugar Free Chia Seed Jam

    Our family travels a lot – no, I mean A LOT.  So, over the past many years I have been looking for ways to eat very healthy, and greatly reduce my family’s amount of…

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    Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread

    My Gingersnap Pumpkin Cream Tart (yum) definitely converted my taste buds to favor pumpkin’s flavor, but as I researched the health benefits of pumpkin I was pleasantly surprised. Pumpkin is low in calories while…

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    Holy Guacamole!!! This stuff right here is sooooo good that it keeps me from emptying a bag Ruffles chips and a container of onion dip (most of the time). Good news is that it’s…

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    Danielle’s Banana Bread

    This easy peasy recipe made it on my eldest son’s list of favorite food his mommy makes (officially, on his mother’s day card to me). This makes me want to make it even more…