Thank you for stopping by! It’s crazy that I’m attempting to squeeze a new blog into the crevices of my day…with two young boys, an unfinished book, a house to maintain, a traveling husband and when he’s home 3 hungry and somewhat picky boys to feed.

I know that this isn’t an unfamiliar story for a mom, which is why this blog is happening (thank you to my hot techie guy – aka my hubby – for teaching me the technical bells and whistles  ;)). We all have overly chaotic lives with multiple things on our plates. In the midst of that, most of us are at a loss for what to put on the dinner plates in order to appease and nourish the food critics in our home. After a while, we get stuck in a rut, don’t know how, or have the time to cook like Martha or Giada. I for one, hadn’t the sweetest clue what to do in the kitchen when I got married 15 yrs ago. There were many post dinner bowls of cereal snuck into the bedroom by my husband in the early years. I knew I’d failed another dinner attempt when I’d spot a bowl with a few soggy Honey Nut Cheerios swimming in milk at the bottom of it on his night stand.

Then I produced two more mouths to please in my household (they’re lucky they are all so darned cute). I wanted to give these guys yummy, but healthy food. In our house, “M” stood for Macaulay, and not “McDonald’s chicken nuggets”. I refused to become the fast and frozen food queen. Yet, in the early mom years as I attempted healthy, I’d successfully converted my eldest into a pasta snubber…yes, PASTA…because there were too many quinoa pasta attempts gone wrong (soggy mush!). And, I’ve royally screwed up home made meals that I’ve tried on a whim by searching the net with key words of the very few ingredients I had staring at me from the pantry – ones that compliment each other as well as oil and water. In fact, those were surely two of the ingredients…along with some  2 year old lasagna noodles that were leftover from the failed lasagna attempt (from plate, directly into trash can). I have a great appreciation for those “Chopped” champions, who can take a leftover bowl of oatmeal, sausages and rice cakes and turn them into a respectable meal.

Good news is that I was very eager and teachable. Over the years I’ve learned a great deal from many women I admire both in and out of the kitchen. They were both mature in character and confident with their kitchen aids. I liked that. I learned from friends who literally run their own catering business and from others who probably should. I discovered that preparing real homemade meals for my fam became less frightening, easier and more attainable the more I gave it a go. The cereal bowls snuck into bedrooms after dinner became less and less. Phew!

Now, with the help of a few years of experience in the kitchen, assistance and recipes from my home cook gal pals and an embarrassingly high volume of hours watching Food Network, I’ve finally reached that point where I’m confident in the kitchen. On top of that I have amassed an abundance of tried and true recipes – enough that I don’t hear “spaghetti AGAIN!?” from the boys. I’ve acquired recipes that are tasty enough that they’re expected on a regular basis, and healthy enough that I don’t mind making them on a regular basis. They’re the recipes that my friends “need” to have once they take a bite. So, now I want to provide a go-to space for you, who are maybe in a rut like I was, to grab mostly healthy reliable dishes as well as a few cheats that are TOTALLY WORTH IT. You have my promise that I will do my best to make this the online search you’ve been waiting for – the one that has a variety of tried and true recipes (not all mine, but I’ll be sure to give credit where credit is due) that’d be the ones you’d ask for when you try it at your friend’s house.

Although I like healthy, this won’t be a place for the strict vegans or my paleo pals to go, but more a spot that will be a healthy balance of food – everything “from milk to meat”.

Why “From Milk to Meat”!?

Such a peculiar name, I know. It doesn’t quite roll off the tongue like “Wives with Knives” and “Pinch of Yum” or sound as appealing as “Skinny taste”. Here is the reasoning for my title: I envision this page to be one that you can grab an array of mostly healthy recipes for your family, and, like I said, some irresistible cheats. But, I don’t want it to end there. I’d like “From Milk to Meat” to be so much more. Why be healthy in our body if our mind and heart are being undernourished? This would be an unbalanced life. I am a Christian woman who strives to not just be feeding myself properly with almonds, blueberries and kale, but also feeding myself the superfood found in The Bible. This is what will hopefully set this blog apart from the countless other food blogs. Here’s some “food for thought” from The Bible for you:

Have you ever decided to get healthy, and once you did, you realized how awful you felt beforehand? It didn’t register how bad things had become until you were better. You became passionate about that change. I think Paul was in that head space when he was preaching to others about the abundance of God’s word. He had experienced a spiritually transformed life. He knew how much living a life the way God intended was so much “healthier”, and he wanted others to taste and see that God’s word was power packed protein for anemic souls.  In 1 Corinthians 3:2, Paul was frustrated by the Christ followers he was preaching to because they were not moving on from their immature ways in order to enjoy the freedom a healthy life connected to God could bring them. He said “I gave you milk, not solid food, for you were not ready for it. Indeed, you are still not ready.” He was so eager to reveal to them the “filet mignon” of God’s word, yet they still were acting immature; barely able to figure out how to microwave a hot dog (no microwaves in AD 56, but you get the point), and so he just fed them the basics; the “milk” – after all, that is all babies can handle. Milk can only satisfy and grow your spiritual muscles for so long. Eventually we need some meat on our bones. These people needed to mature and move beyond their childish ways, and hey, even though I’m a mom, sometimes I do too. I wish I had Paul to come give me a swift kick in the pants every now and again – oh wait – I do!

Just like I had to put the time and effort in the kitchen in order to figure out this cooking thing, I also have to put time and effort into my spiritual life if I’m going to enjoy the benefits that God has to offer. He knows his ways are the best; the most “healthy” for us, and I know it too. I’ve still got a lot to learn in the kitchen, and in God’s word – and I want to take you along with me on the journey. Along with soups and salads, I’ll also provide you with a pot luck of entries from myself and some of my favorite wise women that will hopefully nourish your soul and provide you some food for thought that will make you a more spiritually mature woman. So, if you’re ready to slim down your waistline and bulk up your spiritual muscles, I welcome you to come along for the ride!!